Seller’s Guide

At Coldwell Bankers, our clients experience the full benefits of hiring an elite and bilingual real estate agency for English and Spanish home sellers. Our comprehensive services offer assistance with all the essentials of selling a home. At, we provide perks to home sellers including preparing documents, marketing the property, analyzing multiple offers, negotiating for the best asking price, and suggesting tips for moving.

Decorating Your Home

Did you know that professional decoration services offered by Coldwell Bankers Wallace can drastically improve the success rate of selling your home? Even a minor renovation or home refurbishment can bolster demand for your home, driving up the sales price considerably. At the Coldwell Bankers real estate agency for home sellers, we recommend the following to decorate your home prior to sale:

  • Open windows and doors prior to a visitation for enhanced circulation of airflow
  • Tidy your home and remove clutter and extraneous belongings
  • Vital areas like the kitchen and toilets should be clean and shine
  • Apply a pleasant scented candle or air spray to create a comfortable vibe
  • Store jewelry, cash, and other valuable items away from view

A Guided Process for Selling Your House

Choosing a professional real estate agency is paramount for maximizing the sale of your property. At Coldwell Bankers, we have the know-how from many years of proven performance with English and Spanish home sellers, yielding amazing results for our clients.

Perform all of the key activities of selling a house with the confidence of a pro at your side, including listing your property, preparing the home, selecting the right price, and negotiating offers. Our agents at will represent you with complete loyalty and dedication to excellence.

 A Well-Integrated Marketing Strategy

With the expert guidance of Coldwell Bankers Real Estate Agency, you’ll be able to boost the appeal of your house and set the stage for your property to shine! Plus, we have a wide network at our disposal to market your property, including social media platforms, company website, local newspapers, and partnerships with other real estate professionals.

Furthermore, Coldwell Bankers implements the trusted traditional methods of marketing your property, including MLS, sale signs, open houses, craigslist, and through our professional networks. Our clients enjoy vast exposure across multiple channels to ensure we get the best offer possible.

Negotiating the Best Sale Price

Whereas negotiations may seem stressful to homeowners, our professionals at excel at negotiating only the best prices for our clients. Our top real estate agents are bilingual in English and Spanish, which means we rock at representing our clients from the Hispanic community. Our comprehensive services ensure confidential management of financial documents, title listings, and other documents necessary for the transaction.

A Property in Good Hands

Trust our experienced agents at Coldwell Bankers to guide you through the entire process, from the initial appraisal of the property to the final signing of the contract. Allow our experts to assist you so you can focus on what really matters: finding a new perfect dwelling place! Book an appointment today with our representatives so we can assist you on your home selling journey every step of the way.