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Hilmar Castillo

Mobile: 865-437-9539


Hilmar Castillo

About me. I have been living in the States for over 20 years, coming from Caracas, Venezuela, I speak English and Spanish fluently. I have been passionate about the buying and selling process and that is one of the reasons I am a Realtor. I know the area well so, I will be able to guide you in the process of buying and selling. I will make sure you feel comfortable during the process and be by your side sharing my knowledge, and even after, I will be there. My favorite hobby is in the crafts area, I love making soap and in general bath and body products, I sell my products at our local Farmers Market in downtown Knoxville because I enjoy meeting new people and selling my products is a good way to connect with our community. Call me, I’m eager to help you!

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